Overrated and Underrated Tech - Exposed!


Just as we nerds have overhyped some technologies , we've also overlooked some even better alternatives. PC World has put on its thinking cap and posted its picks for the ten most overrated technology products and services - and alternatives that deserve a closer look.

So, How Would You Rate These Contenders?

  • Ultra-portable laptops versus mini-laptops
  • Microsoft Zune versus Apple iPod Touch
  • Windows XP versus Windows Vista

So, which of these need their inflated reputations needled, and which ones deserve more love? Let's find out.

"The envelope please..."

PC World likes ultra-portable laptops better than mini-notebooks, citing their falling prices and much better performance. Zune get the nod over the iPod Touch, getting the love for its wireless sync, FM tuner music tagging, and streaming to other Zunes. And in the XP versus Vista battle, the preference goes to...Vista, for its better mobile device handling, multimedia file handling, networking...and even UAC gets some love for making the OS more secure.

The Peoples' Choice

Check out the complete list, then stop back by and tell us your favorites. Got nominations for a head-to-head faceoff? Tell us who wins - and why.

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