Overheating Problems Plague E6400 and E6500-based Dell Laptops


Is it getting hot in here, or is it just your Dell laptop? Many are complaining it's the latter, with what looks to be hundreds of owners of E6400 and E6500 series Dell notebooks complaining of performance issues , including throttling down by as much as 95 percent under normal operating conditions, Engadget reports.

The problem appears to be due to an oversensitive BIOS prone to dialing down clockspeeds and bringing notebooks to a near screeching halt at the first sign of heat. It's something that's been brought to Dell's attention long ago, but according to Engadget, the OEM has been censoring some posts on its forums rather than fixing the issue.

One user who went by the name Tinkerdude (and is now banned) even went to far as creating a 59-page PDF describing the problem in all its gory detail.

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Image Credit: Dell

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