Overcompensate with G.Skill's Ridiculously Large 24GB DDR3 Memory Kit

Paul Lilly

Which would you rather have, speed or capacity? If you answered either one, go ahead and deduct 200 geek points, because you should have pounded your chest and emphatically yelled, "Both!"

That's exactly what G.Skill's doing, who just launched a monster sized 24GB kit of RAM rated for 2,000MHz. G.Skill's triple-channel kit will fill all six DIMM slots in your motherboard with 4GB sticks, each one aggressively timed to 8-10-8-25, 1T.

"G.Skill previously demonstrated 24GB of DDR3 at 2,000MHz CL9 during Computex 2010 earlier this month, but has again managed to push the boundaries," G.Skill said in a statement. "This super capacity kit has already attracted a large number of extreme gamers and professional users who expect higher memory capacity can improve their PC performance. G.Skill has successfully provided 24GB (4GBx6) at 2,000MHz CL8 to another high-end boundary, making it the absolute ultimate choice for the extreme users."

That's marketing speak for a series of chest pounds and Tim Taylor-like grunts.

No word yet on price or availability, but for reference, Newegg currently sells a G.Skill 24GB DDR3-1600 kit for $1,150.

Image Credit: G.Skill

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