Overclocking Contest Shatters 3DMark 11 Benchmark Record 39 Times

Paul Lilly

Futuremark's annual Lords of Overclocking competition drew more than 10,000 entries from over 80 countries, each one hoping they had the highest 3DMark 11 benchmark score. And 39 of them did, at one point or another, as that's how many times a high score was submitted to the MSI sponsored event during it's four-week run.

In the end, overclocker "SuicidePhoenix" submitted the winning score on the final day of competition. He posted an overall score of P12,499, nearly double what he posted at stock settings (P6,600). His graphics score was 12,349, up from 6,400, and the physics subsection raked in 13,689 points, up from 8,200 at stock.

SuicidePhoenix's winner score was achieved by overclocking an Intel Core i7 2600K processor and MSI N580GTX Lightning graphics card "far beyond their factory settings." MSI is quick to point out that it's graphics cards now hold 44 out of the top 50 single-GPU scores in Futuremark's online results database.

For winning the competition, SuicidePhoenix earned a free trip, accommodation, and qualification to the MSI Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) 2011 grand final in Taipei.

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