Overclockers Set GPU Frequency Record with MSI's N580GTX Lightning and N560GTX-Ti Hawk Cards

Paul Lilly

MSI's always touting how overclockable its graphics cards are, making a big deal about Military Class components, all solid capacitors, custom cooling solutions, and other features. Turns out the graphics card wasn't just blowing a bunch of hot air. MSI's N580GTX Lightning was used to set the single-card, single-core world record for the highest GPU frequency, while the company's N560GTX-Ti was used to set the higher core frequency of any GTX 560 Ti card.

The record-breaking frequency for the N580GTX Lightning stands at 1665MHz. It was hit by German overclockers "BenchBros," who pushed the card 215 percent higher than the default value to achieve the highest frequency for a GTX 580 to date. Meanwhile, American overclocker "Splave" set a Unigine Heaven (DX11) benchmark record of 2501.96 points using the card and a healthy dose of LN2.

As for the N560GTX-Ti Hawk, Belgian overclocker "Massman" also used LN2 as he cranked the core frequency to 1500MHz, the highest yet for any GTX 560 Ti. He then set a world record for a single-card GTX 560 Ti on 3DMark 11 with a score of 7611, as well as on Unigine Engine with a score of 1652.71.

Image Credit: MSI

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