Overclocker Sets Single Core Benchmark Record Using a Penryn Chip and Notebook Mobo

Paul Lilly

Going old school to set a new record

An overclocker from China who goes by the handle "Wytiwx" just set a new record in HWBOT Prime, but what's really amazing is that he achieved the record score using an Intel Celeron 900 processor based on the Penryn microarchitecture. Record scores aren't all that easy to come by, which is why Wytiwx decided to give it a shot after noticing that overclocked Penryn chips seem to post the best scores in HWBOT Prime.

Wytiwx's score of 2,668.63 pps is a new record in the single core category, and is also tops in the Mobile Celeron 900 category. He achieved the record breaking score by plopping the Penry chip into a notebook motherboard and cranking the frontside bus to 363MHz. That resulted in a 4GHz clockspeed, nearly doubling the chip's 2.2GHz stock frequency.

As for cooling chores, you might have guessed that he used liquid nitrogen (LN2), and you'd be correct. LN2 is a popular choice among overclockers who are chasing world records, though impractical for regular setups that run for any extended period of time.

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