Overclocker Pushes AMD's FX-8150 CPU to the Limit, Approaches 9GHz

Paul Lilly

There's a new CPU overclocking record to report and, surprise-surprise (not really), AMD's spunky FX-8150 chip is the one breaking new ground. This time a Taiwanese overclocker who goes by "ksin" was able to push AMD's record setting processor to 8,805MHz (8.8GHz), inching ever closer to the coveted 9GHz mark. It's worth mentioning that these ultra-high frequencies aren't practical because they're not sustainable without a constant dose of LN2, but that's also missing the point.

A certain amount of skill and technical savvy is required to reach speeds in excess of 8GHz; it's not as easy as pouring LN2 and calling it a day. Careful component selection is also a factor, and according to the details on HWBOT , ksin achieved the record breaking overclock on an Asus Crosshair V Formula motherboard with 4GB (2x2GB) of A-Data DDR3 memory running in a dual-channel configuration with 9-11-10-30 timings and a 2,834MHz (effective) frequency. He used a x29 multiplier and fed 1.86V to the CPU.

It's also worth mentioning that he was using only two of the eight processor cores in order to achieve 8.8GHz. Disabling CPU cores isn't unusual, but it further underscores the point of practicality.

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