Overclocker, EVGA Share Glory in Setting 3DMark 11 Extreme World Record

Paul Lilly

What crazy times we live in. Overclocking was once considered a dark art practiced by adventurous souls who ventured off largely on their own in pursuit of higher clockspeeds. And today? PC part manufacturers are increasingly happy to supply the necessary components to renowned overclockers in pursuit of new records, and then share in the glory. To wit, EVGA is ecstatic to announce that its parts were used to set a new 3DMark 11 Extreme world record.

Vince "k|ngp|n" Lucido posted a score of over 12,500 in 3DMark 11 with the Extreme preset, and he did it using an EVGA X79 Classified motherboard and four EVGA GTX 580 Classified videocards running at 1.3GHz core clock and over 2.4GHz memory clock.

An Intel Core i7 3960X processor overclocked past 5.2GHz also played a role in setting the world record, and yes, plenty of LN2 was involved. You can view the original post at the Kingpin Cooling forums here .

Image Credit: EVGA

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