Over 100 ECS Notebook Employees Jump Ship, Half of Them Land at Shuttle


If there's something in the water at ECS, it must not taste very good, at least not in the company's notebook division. But there's probably another reason why more than 100 members of the OEM's notebook staff have resigned from the company since the second quarter of 2009.

One such reason is because Shuttle managed to pluck the ex-general manager of ECS's notebook business, who also headed up Unwill, to operate its New Notebook Ecosystem alliance. It's no coincidence that nearly half of the employees who left ECS landed at Shuttle, most of which were previously in the Uniwill team, DigiTimes reports.

The exodus has ECS scrambling to retain customers as several clients in China and South America are considering taking their business to Shuttle. And in an effort to prevent something like this from happening again, ECS has asked its current employees to agree to non-compete clauses in their employment contracts, though a representative for Taiwan's Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) warns that such clauses may not be enforceable below the management level.

Image Credti: stoenworks.com

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