Our Maximum Tech Channel Is Now Live!


After many weeks of lead-up – web announcements , press releases , tweets , and FaceBook fan page updates -- we’re proud to announce the Maximum Tech channel of this website is now open and ready to indulge you with news, reviews, how-tos, features and videos on personal technology. You can access the channel directly by hitting the blue Maximum Tech button in our top navigation bar, or by navigating to MaximumTech.com , where you’ll be redirected to the channel page itself.

We at Maximum PC have been covering the broader range of personal technology -- you might know it as “consumer electronics” or “CE” -- ever since we relaunched this web site in 2007. Now it’s time to step up our game with more content about the products, trends and raw technologies we’ve already been covering. Yes, the main focus of the Maximum Tech channel will be on “traditional” CE (smartphones, tablets, home entertainment, etc), but we’re also intent on providing deep-dive explorations into the periphery of all the technology products that affect our daily lives: appliances, fitness equipment, watches, sunglasses, toys, and, yes, even lasers.

Basically, if a product is designed for personal use, and has been imbued, manufactured, or designed with cutting-edge technology, we consider it fair game.

Make no mistake: We are not reducing our PC component coverage in any way, shape or form. In fact, we will continue down the path of increasing PC coverage. (You can compare the number of PC-focused reviews we posted in August/September 2010 to the August/September 2009 for proof of this.) If for some reason you’re not interested in PC components, feel free to navigate directly to our new channel page -- all Maximum Tech content will be funneled directly there.

Of course, Maximum Tech stories will also appear on the front page of MaximumPC.com. Please bear with us as we calibrate the mix of PC and general tech stories on the parent site.

And please let us know what you think of the new channel. You can comment directly at the bottom of this article, or shoot an email to jon@maximumtech.com. Finally, I want to reiterate three promises I made in my editor’s letter of the Maximum Tech print magazine, which is on newsstands now:

1) We will focus squarely on real-world technology that’s either currently shipping or primed to ship within the next 18 months. We’re more than happy to let other media outlets tease you with vaporware, theoretical what-if’ing, and lofty, pie-in-the-sky, “we’re so meta” mumbo-jumbo.

2) We will focus squarely on practical technology that can make a direct impact on your life. Sure, we’re interested in space exploration, military aircraft, and large-scale engineering projects, but other websites already cover that stuff quite well, and we don’t need to join the fray.

3) We will cover technology in depth and concisely, and with your direct consumer interests in mind. All product reviews will go through a gauntlet of hands-on testing, and we’ll use our best judgment and scrutiny to help you make buying decisions. Yes, you’ll find news on the Maximum Tech channel, but we don’t consider Maximum Tech a news-gathering project (our content partner Gizmodo already rocks that world to the Nth degree). Our goal is focus on longer-form features, how-tos and reviews.

Once again, let us know what you think! The comments button is but a few pixels away…

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