OTOY Demonstrates Its Server-Side Rendering System

Maximum PC Staff

Sure, everyone’s heard of OnLive when it comes to gaming in the cloud, but few have heard of OTOY .

OTOY is a small company that’s looking to bring server-side 3D rendering to any client. Sure, this sounds pretty standard, but where it differs from OnLive is key – it allows you to play these games from any browser, and any platform with no plugins or downloads. And, thanks to two big partners that go by the names AMD and EA, it could become a reality.

All that’s required of the gamer is a broadband connection and a computer, and you can get games at up to 720p graphics (again, with no plugins or downloads). There’s reportedly also a way to get 1080p graphics, but it’s a bit more intensive.

No word yet on how much this service will cost or when it’ll come to fruition, but it’s looking pretty slick. You can see two videos of it in action here and here .

Image Credit: TechCrunch

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