Original RickRoll Video Returns to YouTube After 24-Hour Copyright Hiatus

Paul Lilly

Strange things happen on the Internet all the time. The art of RickRolling was -- and for some, still is -- one of them, whereby for a short period of time it became vogue to trick people into visiting Rick Astley's " Never Gonna Give You Up " video on YouTube. Even more strange than RickRolling becoming a thing is the fact that AVG Technologies managed to convince YouTube to pull the popular video yesterday.

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by AVG Technologies. Sorry about that," a message read at the destination for the original Rick Astley video.

Torrent Freak first reported the copyright takedown notice yesterday, which is odd not only because the video has been around for five years and amassed over 61 million hits, but also because AVG Technologies, makers of well known antivirus software, made the copyright claim.

Just another strange day on the Internet, though in this case, the original video is now back online. Oddly enough, Torrent Freak says this isn't the first time YouTube has yanked the 1980s hit offline, claiming it was also pulled in 2010 for -- you guessed it -- copyright reasons.

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