Origin PC's EON17-SLX Features Haswell and Dual GTX 780M Option for Gamers with Deep Pockets



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I find myself wanted to be more and more mobile, because of projects I work on but I also need a power house so I can game. I built a price for a system that could replace my desktop and it ended up being $4,000. To expensive for my tastes I will have to stick with my desktop for gaming and a laptop for production type work. I built my desktop for around $2,400 about 1 year ago. The cost for a laptop with the same type of performance is just way to high.



i don't see why they can't option in there a 1440p screen, ac wireless & bluetooth 4 and a lightning port... it's like the proc and gpus are the only things that change in this platform (regardless of vendor)

and aren't those 780Ms rebadged 6xxMs?



This is not a Mac with Retina Display. Most laptops and modern tablets for Windows are still developing in 1366x768 resolution, likely due to power efficiency and budgeting constraints. As well, a high DPI on laptops tend to be unappealing and can cause eye strain over time. As an example, when Sony released their VAIO product line containing 11-13 inch laptops with 1920x1080 screens, they were not demanded due to the poorly sized UI. A few notable exceptions exist such as the new model of the Dell 15XPS, which is priced competitively with the Macbooks.

If you look closely on Origin PC's website, you can see an option for selecting the "Intel PRO Wireless AC 7260 + BT Wireless LAN Combo" on select laptops.

You are probably referring to Thunderbolt ports, not Lightning ports. They were originally reserved for Apple products; their laptops had them. Now only a handful of laptop vendors are implementing this on their product line, and sadly seems to be not being implemented even in boutique vendors. I would guess the high price for the ports and lack of adoption limited the platforms that are available for it today.

The GeForce 700M series are slightly tweaked 600Ms, but the gains are still noticeable and is worth the upgrade if you are stuck two or three generations behind.