Origin PC Shoves a Titan Z Inside Chronos, Dubs It World's Smallest 4K Gaming System



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Why would anyone buy a titan z thats not building a workstation? the titan isnt a gaming card.

the 295 would be a good option as it can push most of the heat out, but even a 780ti or dual 780tis or even the mars asus 760SLI card would be a good option here.

Not that I would even buy from origin because theyre a complete waste of money, granted the build quality is pretty good.
The only brand Id ever go back to is Digital Storm.



Gee, at only $5000, these machines make 4K gaming so affordable....



4k gaming isnt meant to be affordable. What world are you living in?



1) The R9 295X2 outperforms the Titan Z and is half the price.
2) Most SFF cases are going to struggle to accommodate a PSU beefy enough for the Titan Z or R9 295X2.
3) Three slot card...Really? Try fitting that easily in a small case...'Nuff said.
4) Make a choice: either go out and build an actual 4K gaming system in a decent-sized case with enough cooling and hell, I dunno, maybe watercool it OR build something more reasonable in an SFF case and put a 780(Ti) or 290(X) in it... 9.9

Conclusion? Thanks Origin for creating what will amount to a "Waste of Money" option just to say you have one... 9.9