Origin PC Adds Micro Tower Option to Chronos Line of Desktop Gaming Rigs



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I checked this out allot before I went with a node 304 build.
It just did not really have any advantages over the node, just harder to build in. My node with a silversthone modular powersupply and silverstone short cable kit, well you can hardly even see cables
with my 780gtx and only one ssd drive. Cleanest build I have ever seen!! I used avadirect.com they will come in several hundred dollars cheaper then origen with same components but props to origen to be the first to offer this case, they have a really good warranty for extra seems better then most if you are willing to pay for it and the 24 hour service, alienware price but to some worth it.



Part of me wishes I built my Mini-ITX box in this. After looking at the case itself, it seems to have plenty of breathing room and options for a high performance gaming box.

Ah well, there's always next build.



That's a Silverstone RVZ01 case. Certainly sleek and great looking. But things are really crowded inside.

Although I like the article, and it teases properly, an inside shot of the hardware and cooling loop would make it a LOT better and more useful to tech-heads. There are generic shots of this case out there, but none that I could find from Origin, although I admit I wasn't looking that hard.

Thanks for sharing this Paul. It will be nice when the PC is considered an option for console replacement. Notice how there's no mention of "Steam Box" ... the interest in that platform seems to be waning.