Origin PC's Frostbyte 360 is a High End Liquid Cooling System for Tightwads

Paul Lilly

You don't have to be a spendthrift to shop a system from a boutique builder. That's not to say you can't still configure a professionally built system that costs as much as a Kia, it's just no longer required. Even liquid cooling setups are fair game for frugal enthusiasts. Enter Origin PC's new Frostbyte 360 liquid cooling system (LCS). Origin PC claims it's reaching speeds up to 5.2GHz using the Frostbyte 360, and starting at $1,599 you can grab a Genesis system configured with the new cooler.

"Until now, extreme overclocking required hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of components including pumps, radiators, coolant hoses, fittings, and expensive water blocks." said Kevin Wasielewski Origin PC CEO and co-founder. "With the Frostbyte 360, a maintenance free liquid cooling solution, Origin PC customers can enjoy top-end CPU performance at a fraction of the cost."

The Frostbyte 360 is a zero maintenance cooling solution featuring silent pumps, a high efficiency 360mm copper radiator with three 120mm fans, a micro-channel copper CPU block, and an embedded temperature sensor Origin PC claims will deliver the copper surface temperature with an accuracy of +/- 1C.

The Frostbyte 360 is available now.

Image Credit: Origin PC

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