Origin PC Shoves a Titan Z Inside Chronos, Dubs It World's Smallest 4K Gaming System

Paul Lilly

Big time gaming performance from a small form factor system

Give credit to Origin PC for never letting its lineup of gaming PCs grow stagnant, including its small form factor Chronos option. In the past few months alone, the boutique builder added a micro tower option to Chronos and upgraded its internals with Intel 9 Series Z97 motherboard options. What's next? Try 4K gaming. Origin PC today announced the availability of Nvidia's dual-GPU GeForce GTX Titan Z in its Chronos micro tower , which it now bills as the world's smallest 4K gaming PC.

"So far, 4K gaming PCs have been required to be in large tower cases with multiple video cards. It’s amazing to see that in such a short amount of time we are already offering a true 4K gaming PC in a micro tower that can sit vertically on your desk, or horizontally in your living room," said Kevin Wasielewski, Origin PC CEO and co-founder. "The Chronos micro tower with a 12GB Nvidia Titan Z is the most gaming power I have ever seen in such a small chassis."

The Chronos comes in four different SFF and two mini-tower case options -- Corsair 250D, Silverstone RV201, Silverstone SG08, EVGA Hadron Air, Corsair 350D, and Silverstone FT03. All of them can accommodate the Titan Z, which is roughly a $3,000 upgrade over the stock GeForce GTX 750 that comes standard in some configurations.

Pricing for a complete Chronos setup can vary wildly depending on which parts you choose. There's a lot of flexibility in component choices, such as 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB RAM options in DDR3-1600, 1866, or 2133, as well as "Premium" RAM options (Corsair Dominator Platinum).

As previously mentioned, the Titan Z is available now as a GPU option in the Chronos.

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