Origin PC Offers Tax Day Discounts on Desktops and Laptops

Paul Lilly

For a limited time, Origin PC is offering free shipping and other money-saving incentives.

Today is Uncle Sam's favorite day because it's the deadline to file individual tax returns, though depending on what deductions you had taken out throughout the year, you may be owed a refund. Whatever the case may be, boutique builder Origin PC is offering some tax day incentives to purchase a new rig, giving you an opportunity to spend your refund guilt free, or give you a head start on next year's tax write offs (after all, your business is due for a new PC, right?).

From now until April 18, 2013 at 9AM EST, Origin PC is offering free ground shipping on new systems and will also overclock your Nvidia GeForce GTX GPU at no additional charge. And if you live outside of Florida, there's no U.S. sales tax (technically you're supposed to keep track of online purchases and settle up come tax time).

All told, Origin PC says its tax day promotion can save buyers up to $250. To cash in on the offer, use promo code TAXDAY in the comments section of the shopping cart and the savings will be applied after the order is placed.

Whether it's through Origin, another system builder, or by your own hands, are you planning a new build? Tell us all about it!

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