Origin PC Adds Silverstone's SG10 Chassis to SFF System Lineup

Paul Lilly

Small but spunky.

Small form factor (SFF) systems are growing in popularity, especially as PC gamers look to venture out of their bedrooms and into the living room. Luckily for them, SFF cases are increasingly capable of housing high-end hardware, which is thanks in part to optimized designs but also power efficient hardware. We bring this up because boutique system builder Origin PC just dropped us a note to let us know it's now building systems inside Silverstone's box-like SG10 SFF chassis.

"Designed as the ultimate SFF with full support of standard size components such as ATX power supplies, full tower CPU coolers and up to dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 690s in quad-SLI, the SG10 has the ability to play any PC game, including popular AAA titles like Crysis 3 and Metro: Last Light at a visually stunning 2560x1600 resolution with buttery smooth frame rates," Origin PC says. "Who says power can't be achieved with a small footprint? With the new SG10 you can now experience the performance of a full-size desktop, but at a fraction of the size."

Therein lies the main selling point: being able to cram big and powerful components into a smaller box that won't dominate the living room, or any other room you decide to plop it in.

At present, we don't see the SG10 option on Origin PC's website, which still lists the SG08 as a $208 upgrade option over the BitFenix Prodigy in its Chronos line. It should be available soon, however, with support for micro ATX Z87 and X79 motherboards, dual graphics cards, and other high-end goodies.

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