Orange Squeezes Intel's Medfield Platform into Upcoming Smartphone

Paul Lilly

It's fair to say that Intel has conquered the desktop market and will probably remain on top for a long time to come, but it when it comes to mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones, ARM is the one with a stranglehold on the market. The Santa Clara chip maker has long said it plans to make a serious run at mobile devices, and starting soon, you'll see a bunch of smartphones sporting Intel inside.

One of the first companies to tap into Intel and its Medfield platform is Orange, according to a Reuters report . Orange is France Telecom's mobile division, and it plans to launch a smartphone in France and the U.K. this summer built around Intel's mobile chipset.

The co-branded smartphone is being designed by Intel and will feature its popular 'Intel Inside' logo on the back cover. More important is the fact that Intel is getting involved in a market segment it's left virtually untouched up to this point.

"This is a really big deal for us," Mike Bell, VP and GM of Ultra Mobility at Intel, told Reuters . It's phenomenal that Orange has asked us to participate and put our Intel logo on the back."

Other details about Orange's Intel-powered handset are few and far between at this early stage, though it's being reported the device will run Google's Android platform.

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