Oracle's New Support Portal Draws Heavy Criticism


The troubles just keep piling on for Oracle as of late. Earlier this week, the European Union formally objected to the company's takeover bid of Sun, and if that wasn't enough to deal with, a bunch of existing Oracle users are voicing complaints with the vendor's new My Oracle Support portal.

"We've been having severe problems with the new My Oracle Support all day. Sometimes we can't log in. When we can log in, we can't get an SR [service request] logged - it errors out at various points in the process," one user complained in a post Monday to an official Oracle forum.

The disgruntled user said tech support wasn't much help, and he wasn't alone in his complaints. Other users said similar things about the Support portal, with one noting "it looks like a total disaster today."

The worst part is Oracle doesn't appear to have a grip on the situation, or at least the vendor's not communicating that with its customers.

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