Oracle's Larry Ellison Accuses Google of Acting "Absolutely Evil" in Handling of Android

Paul Lilly

Larry Ellison, head of Oracle, doesn't see eye to eye with Larry Page, head of Google

There remains some bad blood between two very wealthy Larrys, one of which is the CEO and co-founder of Oracle (Larry Ellison) and the other Google's chief and co-founder (Larry Page). The two companies are gearing up for trial in a U.S. appeals court over a lawsuit surrounding Google's Android operating system and Oracle's Java platform, and from Ellison's vantage point, what Google did with Android was downright "evil."

"We just think they took our stuff, and that was wrong," Ellison stated in an interview on CBS This Morning on Tuesday, Reuters reports .

Ellison was asked if he thought Page was evil, and while he avoided saying anything negative about the other Larry, he did say that "I think what they did was absolutely evil."

The dispute originates from Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2010. One of the assets involved in that deal was Java, and according to Oracle, Google's Android platform infringes on several Java patents. A federal judge saw things differently and ultimately ruled in favor of Google last year, leading to Oracle's appeal.

Ellison has a history of launching verbal grenades at rival CEOs, so his comments regarding Larry Page and Google's handling of Android aren't really surprising.

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