Oracle to Square Off with New EC Antitrust Watchdog

Paul Lilly

Oracle has been having a tough time convincing European Union regulators that its $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems is the best thing for all involved, but maybe things are about to change. Or at least that's what Oracle's hoping, once Neelie Kroes, the European Commission's Competition Commissioner for the past five years, finishes her term In January .

EC regulators are expected to make a decision on January 27, 2010 on whether or not a combined Oracle and Sun corporation will be allowed to conduct business in the 27 EU countries. By then, a new Competition Commissioner could be put in place, giving Oracle a fresh set of ears to plead its case.

That doesn't mean Oracle is out of the woods. According to eWeek, a "source close to the situation" says Kroes will still have some influence over the EC's decision. Even worse (for Oracle), eWeek says the sources they've been talking to say it's unlikely that the EU will change its stance, even with a new official put in place.

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