Oracle to Hand Out More Pink Slips to Sun Workers

Paul Lilly

The sun shines brightest in the summer time, but dark days loom for more Sun workers. Oracle will make more job cuts related to its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, the company said in a regulatory filing.

Oracle didn't say exactly how many pink slips it plans to hand out, and an Oracle spokeswoman declined to comment beyond the filing. Sun employees have been living on eggshells even before Oracle acquired the company, and according to an InfoWorld report, at least one analyst predicted that Oracle would lay off 50 percent of Sun's workforce to put the company back in the black. At the time, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison vehemently shrugged off the claim.

"The Sun people went through enough angst without having to read this garbage that you're writing," he told reporters and analysts in January. "The truth is, we're actually hiring 2,000 people over the next few months to beef up these businesses, and that's about twice as many people as we'll be laying off. We're not cutting Sun to profitability, we're growing Sun to profitability."

To cover the layoffs, which will mostly be concentrated in Europe and Asia, Oracle will take a charge of up to $650 million this year.

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