Oracle Launches Enterprise Manager 11g

Paul Lilly

Oracle on Thursday announced the launch of a new software platform called Enterprise Manager 11g. According to Oracle, the platform introduces a number of IT consolidation efforts, including:

  • Business-driven application management
  • Integrated application-to-disk management
  • Integrated systems management and support

"It's about trying to finally get control of this complex thing called IT. We're just getting to the point in the industry and in Oracle's strategy where that's now possible," Oracle President Charles Phillips said Thursday during an event in New York, which was webcast.

Enterprise Manager 11g will go up against competing management platforms from the likes of IBM, Hewlett Packard, CA, and BMC. Where Oracle might have an advantage, however, is by offering customers a complete solution in one package.

"It's basically hard to go against the Big Four on their own terms, so you have to change the rules of the game," said Michael Cote, an analyst with Redmonk.

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