Oracle Cries Foul, Slaps Micron with Lawsuit over Chip Pricing

Paul Lilly

Oracle is accusing memory chip maker Micron of conspiring to fix prices, alleging it overcharged Sun for memory parts, Bloomberg reports.

In its complaint, Oracle said Micron and other DRAM makers "conspired to control production capacity, raise prices or slow their decline, allocate customers, and otherwise unlawfully overcharge their DRAM customers." The antitrust complaint was filed earlier this week in federal court in San Jose, California, and also names Hynix, Samsung, Eplida, and Infineon as co-conspirators.

Oracle's basing its complaint in part on a 2002 U.S. Justice Department investigation of memory chip price fixing, which ultimately resulted in four companies and 16 people being fined a total of around $731 million, Oracle claims.

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