Oracle Accused of Fraud and Copyright Infringement

Paul Lilly

Not all of the news centered around Oracle deals with the company's proposed takeover bid of Sun Microsystems. Instead, Oracle's in the headlines for allegedly infringing on a Georgia company's technology to build user interfaces associated with Fusion.

MB Technologies, the company who filed the complaint, is the developer of Bindows, a toolkit that lets developers create a replica of the Windows UI for their Web apps. The company entered a licensing agreement in 2004 with EPM (enterprise performance management) vendor Hyperion, and after Oracle acquired Hyperion in 2007, MB asked for an addendum to the original agreement.

In October 2007, Oracle sent MB a draft of the addendum, which included a section stating it would license Bindows "for use in Oracle Fusion products," and that's what has MB in a tizzy.

MB claims it has made several "good faith" attempts to reach an agreement with Oracle, but has been unable to do so. Now MB is seeking damages, including any profits Oracle has made from the use of Bindows.

Image Credit: Flickr Joe Gratz

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