Operation Anger-Rage: Fallout: New Vegas DLC Goes Xbox 360-Exclusive

Nathan Grayson

Our torrid love affair with Fallout 3 and its DLC is a matter of public record , so this is exactly the type of news we were never hoping to hear. Unfortunately, Bethesda appears to have taken our previous statement literally, so it's elected to hold off on any real details outside of a proverbial smack to PC gamers' hands every time they attempt to reach for some New Vegas DLC.

"We're excited to continue the partnership between Bethesda and Microsoft, and build on the success of the game add-ons released for Fallout 3 on Xbox LIVE," said Bethesda  VP of marketing and PR Pete Hines. "Fans will once again be able to continue their experience in the Fallout universe with the add-on packs planned for after the launch of the game."

But what kind of content are we looking at here? And is this merely a period of timed exclusivity? Surely the DLC's not gonna pull a BioShock 2 and skip PCs altogether, right? Unfortunately, we shook Bethesda's magic eight ball and all we got was a non-committal “ask again later.” More details, however, are planned for “the coming weeks,” so here's hoping we get some good news sooner rather than later.

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