Opera Software Introduces Tab Stacking in Opera 11 Beta

Paul Lilly

Opera 11 in beta form for Windows is now available for download, and with it a bunch of new features, including Tab Stacking. Just as it sounds, Opera's newest browser lets you stack tabs on top of each other and group them by site or theme.

"Tabs are the most popular feature in browsers today," said Jan Standal, VP of Desktop Products, Opera. "Because so many of us wrestle with tens or even hundreds of open tabs, we needed a way to simplify tab management. Just like stacking papers for future reference, stacking your tabs is an intuitive way to organize and collect your open Web pages."

The other big feature addition is extensions support. Extensions were first introduced in the alpha release of Opera 11, and these days developers are adding between 10 and 20 new extensions every day, Opera says.

Other features include improved mouse gestures, plug-ins can now be set to load on-demand, enhanced HTML5 support, search prediction from Google, and faster performance.

Opera 11 Beta for Windows Download

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