Opera Shows "Featherweight" UI

Pulkit Chandna

Browser vendors are making a conscious effort to make their browsers as self-effacing as possible. As a result, modern browsers usually feature a minimalist UI design that gives precedence to the web over the web browser. Norwegian browser vendor Opera Software also has something similar in mind for its eponymous browser with the new “Featherweight” UI.

According to Jan Henrik Helmers of Opera User experience and Graphics (UxG), project Featherweight is intended to make the browser “as light, bright and user-friendly as possible—without sacrificing power or flexibility.”

“Featherweight has been under wraps until now, so that we may present a comprehensive solution, not bits and pieces,” Helmers wrote in a blog post . ‘Some changes are highly visible, such as those to the address and status bars, but you will find that we have reworked much of the skin throughout—including a brand new icon set.”

The most notable features of the Featherweight UI are as follows:

  • Brand new toolbar icon set
  • Brighter, softer colors for backgrounds and borders
  • Padding and alignment improvements
  • Updated status bar design and content
  • No more button borders in the address bar
  • The Home and Fast Forward buttons now optional
  • New "tab fold" attention state - no more blue blob
  • New window gradient for OS X

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