Opera, Chrome Both Faster than a...Potato?

Paul Lilly

Can your browser beat a potato in a speed test? If you're using either Chrome or Opera, the answer is a resounding "yes," and both Google and Opera Software have proof. Let's start with Google.

Following the release of Chrome beta version 5.0.375.29, Google wanted to get the point across that there have been significant speed-enhancing improvements made to the underlying architecture. To get their point across, Google posted a video featuring a variety of stunts filmed with high-speed videography. The very first one involves a potato being shot through a metal grid and, well, it's probably better if you just see for yourself:

Not to be outdone, the spunky developers over at Opera Software saw this as an opportunity to poke a little fun at Google, and so they've gone and posted a video of their own. In it, a Scandivavian engineer concludes, "So there we have it, the Opera browser is much faster than a potato." This too will make more sense if you see it for yourself, so here you go:

The million dollar question is, which video is better? Cast your vote in the comments section below!

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