Opera CEO Praises the Virtues of Google Chrome

Alex Castle

Image Credit: Opera

Considering that Chrome managed to take the “most popular niche browser” crown from Opera on the very first day of its release , you would think there would be some bad blood between the browser’s bosses. Not so, according to Opera founder Jon von Tetzchner. In an interview with CNET’s Rafe Needleman , von Tetzchner explains how Chrome and other unlikely products have actually benefited Opera.

Of Chrome, von Tetzchner says that although the browser is a competitor, its (relatively) high profile launch drew a lot of attention to the fact that there are alternatives to the big three browsers. As a result, Opera’s daily downloads have gone up 20% since the launch of Chrome.

Most of Opera’s revenue comes from its popular Mini variant for mobile phones. Even here, von Tetzchner says that the high-profile iPhone, which does not use Opera, is actually helping the browser by (again) bringing mobile browsing into the public eye, causing more people to try out the internet functionality of their Opera-equipped mobile phones.

So what’s your take? Is Opera in denial? Tell us after the jump.

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