Opera 11.6 Browser Graduates Out of Beta, Now Available to Download

Paul Lilly

You're not likely to get away with installing a new browser on a loved one's PC this holiday season and calling it a gift, but hey, if you want to give it a shot, Opera Software says "a new browser is a gift that keeps on giving all year round." It just so happens Opera 11.6 is no longer bearing a beta tag and is ready for prime time. Should you bother to give it a spin?

If nothing else, you have to respect the Norwegian browser maker for livening up its press releases, which is reason alone to at least give Opera 11.6 a download and test drive. We need more companies like this.

"It's better to give than to receive, so why not give that someone special a new browser," says Jan Standal, VP of desktop products at Opera Software. "People spend more time working with their browser than they do with their car, so it makes sense to shop around and consider their options. If your best friend drove a Yugo, you'd help them find something else, right?

"If we were a car, this browser would be an extremely potent, yet comfortable, four-by-four. Sleek and stylish, and with no CO2 emissions whatsoever. Your neighbors will envy you."

Opera Software went on to list 10 reasons why now is the perfect time to try a new browser, which include pitches like "Justin Bieber doesn't use it " and "Your current browser is so fat it can't slide down the chimney."

Silliness aside, there are some worthwhile upgrades in Opera 11.6. You can now add favorite sites to the Speed Dial by clicking the new Star button. Opera's email client has been redesigned, the new browser offers better compatibility with the Web and includes the new HTML5 parsing algorithm, and new network code establishes secure connections smarter, Opera Software says.

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