Opera 11.50 Beta "Swordfish" Browser Now Available for Testing

Paul Lilly

If there's a Rodney Dangerfield of browser makers, it has to be Opera Software, the Norwegian browser maker responsible for Opera, the oft overlooked alternative to Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Opera might not get the same market share respect that the big three receive, but even if the useage numbers don't bear it out, it's a decent overall browser worth checking out. For those who like to live on the bleeding edge, Opera Software just made available Opera 11.50 beta codenamed "Swordfish."

The new beta shakes up Opera's popular Speed Dial feature by adding extensions to the mix. Speed Dial extensions transform what's traditionally been a simple thumbnail bookmark into a dynamic source of information. Using extensions, you can configure Speed Dial to display live, animated content like news feeds, weather, a photo stream, and more.

Opera's other big feature upgrade is password synchronization through Opera Link. Opera Link synchronizes bookmarks and other browser information across multiple computers, and purportedly keeps passwords safe through encryption (you can read more about the security features here ).

Those are the two main features of Opera 11.50, which are flanked by improved HTML5 support, improved CSS, better DOM event handling, and a handful of other changes underneath the hood.

Opera 11.50b1 Download
Opera 11.50b1 Changelog

Image Credit: Opera Software

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