Opera 11 Goes Gold, Decimates Previous Download Records

Paul Lilly

Opera Software wasn't blowing smoke up anyone's backside when the browser maker said its Opera 11 Release Candidate was nearly ready to go gold. That time has come, with Opera 11 in finished form now available for download just one day after the release of the first RC, and a mere two days after the third RC.

There's a lot that's new in Opera 11, perhaps none more important than the addition of Extensions. Previously, Opera got by with Widgets, but it's hard to imagine a modern day browser appealing to the masses without some kind of extensions integration.

Other trumpeted features include tab stacking, visual mouse gestures, and a safer address field, to name a few. It all adds up to the best version of Opera yet, and so far it's been well received.

"A little more than a year ago, we launched Opera 10.10. We were stunned to see an average of 1.7 million downloads per day the first week. In fact in our own words: 'This download rate shatters previous Opera records,'" Opera Software said in a blog post .

"What a difference a year makes. Yesterday, Opera 11 was downloaded a total of 6.7 million times with 1.1 million coming from download partners around the globe."

Much of those numbers can be attributed to Opera's auto-update feature, which Opera Software admits "does help download numbers, as it should."

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