Opera 10.60 Beta Boasts Key HTML5 Technologies, Speed

Pulkit Chandna

Last month, Opera Software proved beyond reasonable doubt that its browser is much faster than a potato . But with the launch of Opera 10.60 Beta 1 , the Norwegian developer has made it virtually impossible for potatoes to keep up with the browser. The company says that Opera 10.60 is way faster than its predecessor, with version 10.60 emerging 50% faster in some Javascript tests. “Opera 10.60 beta is so fast, it will blow you away,” said Chief Development Officer, Christen Krogh, Opera Software.

However, Speed alone is not the only area of improvement. The browser is now armed with key HTML5 technologies , including Appcache, Web Workers and the royalty-free WebM online video format (based on the VP8 codec). The latest version also brings improvements to the UI and search suggestions. “Beyond the speed boost, the latest version of Opera improves on our robust HTML5 support and provides more options for quick and efficient Web search through your preferred search engines. By combining raw speed with intuitive and easy-to-use features, Opera places you among the fastest Internet users on the planet.”

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