Opera 10.53 Beta for Linux and FreeBSD Now Available for Download

Paul Lilly

Opera Software on Tuesday released the first beta for version 10.53 of its Opera browser for Linux and FreeBSD. The latest beta release uses its own toolkit called Quick, and as such, there are no dependencies on GTK or Qt/KDE, so it can run on just about any version of Linux.

"If you've been waiting for Opera 10.5 to stabilize before trying it on your Linux or FreeBSD system, now is your chance," Opera wrote in a blog post. "Try it and keep reporting any issues you have, help us make this the best release for Unix ever!"

Codenamed "Evenes," Opera 10.53 features the new Vega graphics engine and support for HTML5 video courtesy of the free and open Ogg Theora codec. What you won't find, however, is support for Solaris.

"In order to ensure a consistently high quality browser across our most popular desktop platforms, we have reluctantly decided to drop support for Solaris," Opera said.

Opera 10.53 Beta Download

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