OpenGL 3D Web Draft Standard Completed

Ryan Whitwam

The web is one step closer to having a standard for 3D hardware accelerated graphics. WebGL has just become an official draft standard . If finalized, WebGL would allow web developers to take use JavaScript to run complex graphics on video cards with aplomb. The project is joint effort between The Khronos Group and Mozilla.

The Khronos Group is asking for comment from web developers interested in working with the new standard. Those involved see the WebGL development moving at a rapid pace if awareness remains high. "I anticipate us moving toward a spec that is not provisional, not merely a draft, in early 2010, the first quarter," said Mozilla’s Arun Ranganathan. Building 3D support into the framework of the internet could revolutionize web applications and games. Full on 3D shooters may not be in the cards right away due to other browser constraints, but we can dream.

If this sounds intriguing, that’s just what Mozilla is banking on. Mozilla is hoping that early adoption of WebGL could give it an important edge over the still dominant Internet Explorer. Keep an eye on this one folks.

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