Open Office 3.0 Launch Crashes Website

Paul Lilly

The open source productivity suite Open Office 3.0 moved from beta form into a final release on Monday but was ill prepared for the demand that would follow. Enough users flocked to to crash the website , and two days later the site still remains semi-operational. The main page - the only one that's functioning - is adorned with several download links and the following message:

"Apologies - our website is struggling to cope with the unprecedented demand for the new release 3.0 of The technical teams are trying to come up with a solution. Thank you for your patience."

The free alternative (retail version runs $70 and includes technical support and intellectual property indemnification) to Microsoft's Office suite is now more compatible with Office, including letting users immediately read documents saved in the .docx, .xlsx, or .pptx formats.

Have you kicked the tires on Open Office 3.0 yet? Hit the jump and give us your impression.

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