Open Linux-Based Spark Tablet Now Available For Preorder

Brad Chacos

Getting sick of walled gardens, locked bootloaders and over-managed app stores? (We're looking at you, Amazon.) We've got some good news. A few weeks back we shined a spotlight on the Spark tablet, a Linux-based open source tablet being cobbled together by KDE developer Aaron Seigo.  Yesterday, it went up for preorder. Time to whip out those credit cards, Linux lovers! Oh, wait, never mind -- the site doesn't force you to whip out the plastic to land a spot in line for a Spark.

That's probably because the final price point for the tablet hasn't officially been set yet, although Seigo is striving for a €200 (roughly $260) sticker cost. A quick refresher on the Spark tablet : it packs in a 1GHz ARM processor with a Mali-400 GPU, 512 MB of memory, a 4GB hard drive (expandable via SD card slot) and an 800x480 7-inch display. The tablet runs on Mer Linux -- a fork of MeeGo -- with the KDE Plasma Active UI. Check out the "Hardware" tab of the website for a full set of specs.

MakePlayLive is also the place to call dibs on a Spark tablet of your own . Aaron Seigo expects the Spark to start shipping in May; he's been pretty active about keeping the community up-to-date on Spark information on his blog. Keep checking in over there if you're intrigued by the project.

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