Oops! Acer Ultrabook S3 Price, Specs Prematurely Leaked By Italian Retail Site

Brad Chacos

Rumors and whispers abound about the upcoming Ultrabook line of notebooks – you know, the ones that Intel hopes will be MacBook Air killers – but despite all the talk, we haven’t seen any hard facts as far as components or price points go. That may have changed today, thanks to a new product page on an Italian retailer’s site that appears to have gone up a bit prematurely.

The product page was first found by Notebook Italia , whose words are legible thanks to a quick arrangement with Google Translate. The purported Acer Ultrabook S3 packs an Intel Core i5-2467M, 4GB RAM, a 320GB hard drive and an additional 20GB SSD into its slim n’ fit half-inch-thick frame. Not too shabby.

MonClick lists the price as 786 euros , which converts to $1,135 in American currency. That’s slightly higher than Intel’s highly pushed sub-$1000 price tag, but remember that this is an Italian retailer; the cost of the notebook could be reduced when it hits US shores.

Acer (along with Asus) is expected to have some Ultrabook announcements for our consumption at this year’s IFA 2011. Acer’s official IFA conference takes place on Friday, so prepare yourself for a flood of Ultrabook news over the next couple of days.

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