Ooma Announces Wireless Adapter for Low-Cost VoIP Service

Ryan Whitwam

We took a look at the Ooma Telo recently, and found that this almost free VoIP service was a great solution for penny pinchers. Ooma’s Telo bay station connects to your home network and offers nearly unlimited calls, and all you have to pay is a few bucks in taxes. Today, Ooma has announced the system is getting a refresh with a new wireless adapter and free Bluetooth capability.

Ooma previously required a direct ethernet connection to operate, though the handset itself was cordless. This was our primary gripe with the device; the wired set up was a bit of a pain. With the new wireless adapter, the Telo bay station can go anywhere in the house. The adapter supports 802.11n, so you won’t need to dumb down your network.

Ooma is also set to make the Bluetooth service a standard feature. Users previously had to pay for the premium $10 per month service to make use of this. The new Ooma wireless adapter and Bluetooth adapter will be available soon at a plethora of online retailers. They will sell for $49.99 and $29.99 respectively. Intrigued? We’ve got a review unit for the wireless adapter, so expect a review next week.

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