OnLive Reemerges with Two New Gaming Services



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True PC gamers would not use online streaming to play their video games, at least not in 2014...



Wow, well I guess it's great news for them that most PC gamers aren't of the true hardcore kind. Whew!


Joe The Plummer

I'm trying to wrap my head around this. It looks like they have two distinct services.

One is called CloudLift and the other is Playpack. One is $15 a month and the other $10 a month. From what I can see on their website, it is not clear that CloudLift includes Playpack. I say this because that's an important distinction. Why? If CloudLift does not include Playback then it's dead on arrival. What is the point? It would be $5 more expensive and offer you less than Playpack!!

From what I'm reading, and please go to their website here: and let me know if I'm not understanding correctly, CloudLift ONLY allows you to stream games you own for $15 a month which does not include the cost of the game. So you pay $15 for the ability to stream a very limited list of games that you must already own or purchase.

Playpack allows you to stream 250+ games without having to own them for $10 a month. Why would you choose CloudLift?

I'm hoping they just did a poor job communicating the offering and that CloudLift includes the features of Playpack (250+ games to stream) on top of being able to stream your paid for games that you have on Steam. Otherwise I don't see the point.

I also don't see this saving the company. While I'm sure there are people willing to pay a monthly fee to be able to stream games it is a very small subset of gamers. Not enough to cover the costs of server farms and data centers. More than likely the OnLive Desktop is where they will have to go for growth.

Steam machines with in home streaming kill the market at home for gaming on the living room TV and Intel/AMD will eventually have integrated graphics that rival mid-range dedicated cards soon thus allowing you to game on cheap laptops and mid level to high end tablets. I've already witnessed Civilization V, Left 4 Dead and Skyrim running on a first gen Surface Pro.

I wish them luck but either the price has to come down or they should just sell to Microsoft like Gaikai did with Sony. But that's just IMHO.



Mr. Lilly (like other bloggers) failed to note that OnLive never went away. They continued to support their subscribers at their original promised level throughout their financial upheaval. Hard to complain about that. What OnLive needs to address is control schemes tailored to touch screens (Android, iPad) that work with cloud based games.



They are still working with a flawed business model. Why would anyone want to pay $15 a month plus the cost of games when they can get way more from PC (Steam) or a console? Now if they revamped it charging $15 a month for unlimited game play with any game they would be onto something. They would be able to overcome licensing payments as they gain popularity if they are able to keep a low headcount.



Because Steam only lets you stream games over your LAN, not the Internet. And only to machines running either SteamOS or the full Steam client, which excludes phones and tablets.


Peanut Fox

While free Steam currently only allows you to Stream to other PCs on your network. So if you leave the house you no longer have access to that. Sony's streaming is cool, but the hardware you can steam to is extremely limited (the Vita). So at the moment there isn't an alternative to the 15 dollar offering.