OnLive to Netflix: We Can Do Streaming Movies Too, Sucka!

Paul Lilly

At some point, you have to imagine a company will step into the ring with Netflix and duke it out for online supremacy in the streaming media game. Could OnLive be a contender?

There's a good chance we'll find out. The cloud-based gaming service has every intention of expanding its business model to include streaming movies and TV shows, and is already in talks with bigwig studio heads, Reuters reports .

"Streaming technology is available to anybody," OnLive Chief Executive Steve Perlman told Reuters. "We want to work with the studios. All of these guys want to offer content, we're just here to distribute it. OnLive can deliver any experience Netflix can."

Whether or not you buy into that last statement depends on how you define "experience." Netflix has been brilliant in laying the groundwork for its streaming service, which is now accessible through a host of entertainment devices, everything from gaming consoles to tablets PCs.

But one advantage OnLive has over Netflix is its gaming service. For a flat rate of $10/month, OnLive subscribers get unlimited access to its limited (but growing) catalog of games, accessible via a $100 Micro Console with controller and a free game. And it's not is if OnLive is standing pat -- the company just recently rolled out a free app for the iPad in which users can login and spectate live games.

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