OnLive Shipping with All Google TV Devices

Ryan Whitwam

Google TV had a rough launch last year without a doubt. Although things are starting to look up for Google’s living room push with a slew of new devices being announced, and now a partnership with OnLive. At CES today, OnLive confirmed that its game streaming service will be shipping pre-installed on all Google TV devices. Let the gaming begin.

OnLive is a service that allows users to run serious PC games in the cloud without the need for heavy-duty hardware. The games are rendered in the OnLive servers, then the video is streamed down as control input is passed upstream. Having this service built into Google TV turns each unit into a gaming console. Unfortunately, the service isn’t completely ready for prime time on Google TV. The app will only work in spectator mode at first, with an update bringing full gaming capability later on.

OnLive says it is working closely with Google to get the service working as intended on the platform. Customers will be able to buy PC games from OnLive on Google TV, but there is also a $10 per-month unlimited plan that includes access to over 100 games.

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