OnLive Launching June 17 at $15 Per Month

Nathan Grayson

After months of doubt followed by more months of nothing , OnLive’s finally back in the limelight. During this week’s Game Developer’s Conference, the streaming videogame service finally deployed its landing gear with a June 17 release date . Now then, onto the potentially – depending on how long the service lasts – million dollar question: how hard is it gonna hit your pocketbook?

Well, honestly, that part’s got us a bit worried. The on-demand platform carries a $15 subscription fee, which would be fine on its own. Unfortunately, you’ll also have to pay for individual games, which could definitely get pricey in a hurry. So far, actual prices for launch titles – which include Assassin’s Creed II, Metro 2033 and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – haven’t been announced, but they’ll apparently be “competitive.”

Thankfully, there’ll also be an “a la carte” rental service for use with some games. Which, combined with the subscription fee, sounds a bit like GameTap’s Gold service – only without that crucial little “unlimited access” bit. But let’s be honest here: OnLive’s servers aren’t going to pay for themselves. And you’ll be getting a suite of social networking features for your rapidly dwindling buck, so… yeah, it’s still a whole lot of money.

Meanwhile, when competing service Gaikai launches, it’s going to be free-to-play and ad-based. Unless OnLive’s got some crazy tech-based tricks up its sleeve that put it head-and-shoulders above Gaikai quality-wise, we just don’t see ourselves subscribing. How about you?

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