OnLive Goes Wireless with Beta Wi-Fi Support


OnLive's cloud-based gaming service launched in June with Wi-Fi support conspicuously missing from its armory. While OnLive's lack of Wi-Fi support was never really a pressing concern for the vast majority of the world's population, it did matter to both the service's early adopters and detractors, with some admittedly ardent fans even stooping to such abject lows as building Ethernet loopback adapters to pass off their Wi-Fi connection as a wired one.

Such ingenuity is no longer needed as the company has now added beta Wi-Fi support to its cloud gaming service, just as it had promised at the beginning of the month . However, OnLive wants you to ensure that the wired Internet connection to your Wi-Fi router sustains at least 3 Mbps. Please read its Wi-Fi FAQ for more.

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