OnLive Desktop Plus Brings IE9, Adobe Flash to iPad

Pulkit Chandna

OnLive kick-started its hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure service last month with the launch of the OnLive Desktop app for iPad. While OnLive Desktop launched as a free, as-available service, the company did announce a couple of subscription plans for those interested in priority access to a cloud-based Windows 7 desktop and more. One of those subscription plans is now available.

OnLive Desktop Plus is a service plan that costs $4.99/month and provides all the features already included in the Standard version (read: free version), albeit on a priority basis. However, that’s not the only advantage it has over the standard version. OnLive Desktop Plus includes a full Flash browser (Internet Explorer). The company is promising gigabit-speed accelerated browsing, which it says is “faster than any consumer browsing experience we know of.”

“For you that means—whether you’re on Wi-Fi or 4G (Android LTE tablets coming soon!)—you can expect even the most elaborate Flash websites to load in seconds, even if it would have taken your home computer minutes to load the same page,” wrote OnLive founder and CEO Steve Perlman on the company’s official blog on Wednesday. “Perlman on Animation, video and sound come through impeccably and instantly. And, large cloud storage files and Web email attachments—even 50 MB PowerPoint presentations—to upload or download in less than a second.”

“What’s really cool is OnLive gigabit-speed browsing doesn’t come out of your local data usage; you might actually save money. OnLive Desktop Plus can dramatically reduce Web browsing data usage by as much as a factor of 10 or more, since only the top layer of the current view of a website is sent over your local Internet connection. So you get the world’s fastest mobile browser, at quite possibly the world’s best value.”

Currently only available to U.S.-based iPad users, the company has plans to expand the service to other countries and platforms.

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