OnLive Desktop App Streams Windows Desktop, MS Office to iPad

Pulkit Chandna

Palo Alto-based OnLive is expanding its presence in the cloud beyond its eponymous streaming game service. The company, which debuted the OnLive app for mobile (Android for now) as recently as last month, is now gearing up to stream “a seamless Windows desktop experience” to a variety of devices, beginning with the Apple iPad later this week.

Even though the cloud gaming app that it announced in early December has yet to appear in the App Store, the company has chosen the iPad as the debut client platform for its OnLive Desktop VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) service . But unlike the previous app announcement, the company has announced a specific release date this time. The OnLive Desktop app for iPad will arrive on Thursday, as per the official announcement.

“Launching a brand-new chapter for OnLive (and everyone), OnLive Desktop gives users instant access to a seamless Windows desktop experience, with full-featured Microsoft Office applications and 2 GB of free cloud storage for secure file access anywhere,” wrote OnLive’s CEO and Founder  Steve Perlman in a blog post Monday .

Following its launch on the iPad, the service will expand to iPhone, Android, Mac and PC. Also, those with an OnLive MicroConsole will be able to access the cloud-based Windows 7 environment on an ordinary TV.

Besides the standard service that is absolutely free and includes 2GB of cloud storage, there will also be a paid service called OnLive Desktop Pro. This $9.99/month service will include 50GB of cloud storage and the ability add additional PC apps. But as these two plans may simply not be adequate for enterprise needs, the company has also announced a third, IT-managed service tier called OnLive Enterprise.

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