Online Shoppers Call Best Buy The Grinch After Retailer Cancels Orders At Last Second

Brad Chacos

By all accounts, most folks should be chilling out and winding down right about now. We’re smack-dab in the midst of the holidays, it’s Friday, and even if you could care less about Christmas, the imminent vanishing of dozens of overly festive TV commercials should bring a smile to your face.  Speaking of commercials, did you see Best Buy’s “ Game On Santa ”? As it turns out, Santa won in the end – and you lost. Best Buy recently began notifying some customers that their online orders – even ones made as far back as November – won’t be fulfilled. To quote the lady in the commercial, it’s awkward.

Best Buy declined to tell the Wall Street Journal how many people or which products were affected. Best Buy beefed up its online offerings this year to combat the low prices being offered by virtual retailers. Ironically, it now claims that an overwhelming number of purchases on have led to the current out-of-stock crisis. Those affected have little time to shop for replacements elsewhere, and are basically limited to brick-and-mortar stores if they want to try to pick something up before Christmas. Customers that presumably shopped online at least partially due to the convenience factor now have to hit the streets on Christmas weekend itself.

Digging around the Web a bit, it seems that disappointed (would-be) customers aren’t being offered any sort of discounts or gift certificates for the last-second hassle, either. You have to wonder – will this blunder cost Best Buy dearly next holiday season? Is this enough to scare you out of shopping for presents online?

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